My name is Mads Hansen, and welcome to my side. If I can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

1. "I analyze markets, politics, tech, and society and conduct due diligence to invest in companies I evaluate that are worth significantly more than their price".


2. "My ambition is to create a safe return at all periods.

The strategy's main principle is to get the highest possible return to the lowest risk."


3. "Therefore, the portfolio's composition is in uncorrelated global equities to achieve a higher Sharpe Ratio. I actively adjust several times in the same companies to beat the market return annually."

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Mads Hansen Entrepreneur
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The 3 C's of success

"There are three things needed for success in your personal life and in business. Collaboration, communication and create. Collaboration is working with someone else to produce or create something. All parties agree to work together to achieve objectives."

- Mads Hansen #commonvision

Portfolio Companies

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