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Turn your funds into an extra income. 

Join over 5,000 readers of The Saturday Investor to receive valuable tips, strategies, and fresh insights. Enhance your decision-making skills and discover how to navigate the financial markets through self-directed learning.

If the link to my Discord community is not functioning, it may have expired. In such a case, please send me a direct message on Instagram containing the phrase

'Sign Up' to notify me. My Instagram name @madshansenreal.


Hi, I'm Mads Hansen. I Empower You to Invest Smart, Trade Confidently, and Thrive Financially.

[ An open letter to freedom seekers ]

In the realm of entrepreneurship, being a solopreneur is more than a business choice; it's a commitment to embracing life on our terms.

We stand united in our pursuit of independence, flexibility, and fulfillment—prioritizing the quality of our lives over mere financial gains.

For us, the pivotal question isn't, "How can I make more money?" but rather, "What kind of life do I want to lead?" We build businesses that align with our life vision.

It's not a relentless chase for more; it's about discovering what's enough.

Our businesses are lean and nimble, valuing simplicity and efficiency.

Whether a true one-person show or with a small team of freelancers, contractors, or assistants, we prioritize streamlined operations.

At the core of our unity lies a simple yet powerful goal:

Unlock the freedom to pursue everything you desire...

and discard everything that hinders your journey.

Four more ways
I can help


The Saturday Investor Weekly Newsletter (FREE)

Every Saturday morning, I share practical guidance to help you be a better investor and scale your finances with stocks and trading.


My mission is to inspire 100 million people to live a better live through proven life & work principles.

Quick Question To You: Ever sat through a one-hour meeting that could've been an email? Read a two-thousand-word article that should've been a bullet point (or two)?

I'm the opposite. This "newsletter" are the "IKEA instructions" for my own investing and trading decisions — short, simple and concise. You'll find them in your inbox each Saturday AM. Maybe I'll send two a week if I have important information to share with you.

We all know that the financial markets can move fast, so if I sell something or do something important in my portfolios you will be notified quickly.


Deep-dive Digital Courses for New Investor & Traders

A full step by step A-Z video lesson library created to teach beginner traders how to day trade successfully & invest in the stock market.


It's the simple things in life people over complicate and I am here to share my simple & effective steps I take as a day trader & investor in different asset classes. 

By enrolling in this Lesson Library, you will learn my conservative technical trading strategies, how to identify potential, pattern identification, how to conduct independent stock scans for quality stocks, and how to work towards daily, weekly, and monthly goals that accommodate both part-time and full-time traders.


Accountability is a paramount aspect of my approach. Consequently, I work closely with our members on a daily basis to hold them accountable for their trades and assist them in their weekly stock planning.


Our realistic approach has empowered thousands of traders to prioritize quality and consistent growth.


My DayTrading 
Community With Live Streaming Daily 9.30 am ET (100% free)

The Day Trading Channel in Discord posts “time-sensitive” trades and share strategies.

That means that when I post my trades, you can expect the market to move in my favour (or against me) immediately.

Under "Live-trading-us-market" I share the link to the live stream. So you can watch me trade live, both stocks and futures.


Stock Advisor -
View My Portfolio Of Great Companies

  • Follow my global stock portfolio and outperform the market.

  • Gain exclusive access to my own private stock portfolio and real-time analyses.

  • Receive notifications whenever I make a buy or sell decision within my portfolio.

  • Typically, I share two carefully selected stock picks each month— foundational recommendations tailored for both novice and seasoned investors.
    29$ per month. 


Free Copy Trading - Passive trading.

  • Trade like a pro with 100% passive tradingI Copy my trades for free. Ready to boost your trading game? Join the Mads Hansen Copy Trading Program led by me, I'm Mads, a professional day trader specializing in breakout and momentum strategies, with a strong focus on risk management. I aspire to assist individuals in simplifying their daily lives. If you lack the time, inclination, or the ability to watch live daily activities, you now have the chance to replicate the trades I personally execute each day with my own funds. Historically, this approach has proven to be highly profitable. "Connect" to my Vantage Account: Simply choose to 'Copy' and select the desired amount. It's important to note that you maintain your own account, and there's no need to wire or transfer any funds to me; please keep them in your own account. My primary focus is on growing my private funds, and by copying me, your funds will also experience growth. Disclaimer: Trading involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Trade responsibly. Guide to find me, watch the video below. As always feel free to reach out to me here on Discord and I will help you.

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