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Cryptocurrency Insights for 2024: A Vision of the Future (My Picks).

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  1. The Resurgence of Bitcoin and Crypto Coolness


Bitcoin's impressive 150% surge in 2023 sets the stage for another bullish year in 2024. Anticipate the approval of the physical Bitcoin ETF in Q1 2024 and the Bitcoin halving in Q2 2024 to act as catalysts, driven by a macro environment signaling the end of interest rate hikes. The return of crypto to cocktail party discussions signifies not just an influx of new capital but also positive momentum for overall ecosystem development.

2. Institutional Allocations: FOMO Strikes Again

While it may be assumed that smart capital entered the crypto space at its lowest point, institutional allocators waited for critical catalysts, such as the resolution of the FTX collapse and clarity from the Binance situation. With these uncertainties behind, 2024 is poised for institutional investors to follow established strategies, starting with VC fund allocations and progressing to crypto funds and managers.

3. Non-Sexy Infrastructure Gains Recognition

The 2023 bankruptcies drew attention to counterparty risk, highlighting gaps in non-glamorous areas of the industry. Despite the lack of media attention, sectors like crypto fund administration, compliance, insurance, and fiat on/off ramps play a pivotal role in ecosystem growth. Expect smart capital and traditional finance players to allocate resources to these essential verticals.

4. Stablecoins: The Unsung Heroes

As predicted, 2023 saw stablecoins flourish, with a total supply surpassing $130 billion. Beyond crypto trading, stablecoins are assuming the role of "money" in regions with unreliable central banks. In 2024, these stable assets are anticipated to become more mainstream, especially in areas like Africa and Latin America, facilitating cross-border payments.

5. Privacy Takes Center Stage in Payments

Contrary to popular belief, crypto transactions are more traceable than perceived. Privacy in payments becomes a crucial topic, with solutions like zero-knowledge proofs gaining prominence. Forward-thinking investors and entrepreneurs are expected to explore this space in 2024, considering developments in privacy pools and Ethereum's future vision.

6. The Global Crypto Power Shift: UAE Takes the Lead

Despite lobbying efforts in the United States for regulatory clarity, the country is losing ground as the preferred choice for new crypto entrepreneurs. The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, emerges as the global crypto hub in 2024, driven by a specialized regulator (VARA) and strategic initiatives.

7. CBDCs Advance Amid Global Divide

Over 90% of central banks experiment with CBDCs, with geopolitical factors influencing partnerships. India's collaboration with the UAE central bank stands out, while the U.S. continues to resist CBDCs. Innovative projects, like the BIS's Project Sela, exploring self-custody CBDC options, indicate a dynamic landscape in 2024.

8. Crypto Entity Recoveries Fuel Ecosystem Growth

The recovery outlook for crypto insolvencies appears positive, with capital likely to be reinvested into the crypto ecosystem. Inflows from recovered assets may benefit players focusing on counterparty risk mitigation and institutionalization, particularly during a bullish market.

9. Tokenization of Real-World Assets Resurfaces

The tokenization trend, once hyped in 2019-2020, gains momentum again, focusing on real-world assets. Jurisdictions like Hong Kong position themselves as hubs for these activities, with traditional financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan entering the space, signaling a potential game-changer.

10. Gaming: The Next Frontier for Crypto Adoption

With over 3 billion gamers globally, the gaming community, familiar with digital assets, is poised to re-engage with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Expect increased collaboration in both web3 and web2 gaming, as the gaming world becomes a key source for the next billion users in crypto, attracting investments and interest in 2024.

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