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Hi, I'm Mads Hansen.
I Empower You to Invest Smart, Trade Confidently, and Thrive Financially.

[ My founding story ]

Over the last decade, I’ve built 8 successful companies and a large community within investments and finance.

My mission is to inspire 100 million people to live their dreams through proven life and work principles.

I empower normal individuals and true entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of investing and trading, guiding them toward financial success with personalized strategies and insights.

Focus: Grow on autopilot

I’m the founder of Mads Hansen School a community of traders - Individuals are invited to participate and contribute to this collective journey, where mutual assistance is extended to foster a collaborative and supportive environment. (and many investment funds and a larger hedge fund in New York).

My portfolio:

→ I’m the founder and CEO of Mads Hansen School, the leading community for new investors and traders.
→ I’m the founder and CEO of Ante Capital, L.P, long/short hedge fund in the US.
→ I teach the members from Mads Hansen 1.0 and help entrepreneurs scale their personal finances to $1M+ profit. (own experience).
→ I coach entrepreneurs that need help with mindset, mindfulness, stock portfolio, systems, businesses and capital (fund raising).
→ I advise early-stage companies in profit optimization.
→ I invest in DeepTech businesses driving the automation economy. (Seed and Series A-B)

My results:

→ 3500+ people following Mads Hansen School.
→ +30 investment across all stages across multiple sectors. (60% IRR).
→ Managed investments portfolios worth $50m and created detailed financial reports for clients.
→ Manager of 45 million worth investment portfolio exceeded performance benchmarks by 10%.
→ Private fund with +5M investing in stocks, bonds (average return 28%).
→ +1250% profit with DayTrading Micro Futures.
→ +60%+ margins (In all businesses I do).
→ Did +$4 million in profit with trading before I turned 20 years old.

I write about ten topics to help you own your work and life.


Investing Strategies

  • Break down different investment approaches (e.g., value investing, growth investing).

  • Discuss market trends and potential opportunities.

  • Offer insights into various asset classes (stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies).


Trading Tips and Techniques

  • Provide guidance on technical analysis and chart patterns.

  • Discuss risk management strategies for traders.

  • Share real-world trading experiences and lessons learned.


Mindset and Psychology

  • Explore the psychological aspects of investing and trading.

  • Discuss ways to manage emotions during market fluctuations.

  • Offer mindset tips for long-term success in financial endeavors.


Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Feature success stories of entrepreneurs in the financial industry.

  • Discuss startup strategies for financial businesses.

  • Explore the intersection of entrepreneurship and personal finance.


Financial Literacy

  • Break down complex financial concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Provide tips for budgeting, saving, and building wealth.

  • Share resources for continued financial education.


Market Trends and Economic News

  • Analyze current market trends and economic indicators.

  • Discuss the impact of global events on financial markets.

  • Provide updates on relevant news affecting investments and businesses.


Interviews and Case Studies

  • Conduct interviews with successful investors, traders, and business leaders.

  • Share case studies illustrating financial strategies and their outcomes.

  • Highlight individuals who have achieved financial success through various means.


Financial Planning

  • Offer advice on retirement planning and wealth preservation.

  • Discuss estate planning and tax-efficient strategies.

  • Provide practical tips for creating a comprehensive financial plan.


Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

  • Explore the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  • Discuss investment opportunities and risks in the crypto space.

  • Provide educational content for those new to digital assets.


Learning Resources

  • Share recommended books, courses, and platforms for learning about finance.

  • Create tutorials on using financial tools and platforms.

  • Develop a community for sharing insights and learning from each other.

I'm here to assist you in taking that leap and attaining the freedom you deserve.

Freedom from the 9-5.

Freedom from the rigidity of schedules.

Freedom from anything hindering your top priorities.

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